Property markets research

Setting ourselves apart through original research

In a competitive market, high quality, original research is one way to get ahead. So at Aberdeen, we conduct our own research rather than relying on third-party reports. Through our research, we’ve developed our understanding of property markets, leading to better decision-making and potential benefits for our clients.

How our research team works

We have an International Research and Investment Strategy team spread out across 4 countries with a wide range of experience, covering many different sectors and technical specialties.

One of our researchers’ main responsibilities is formulating and maintaining a central “house” view of past and future market performance as well as an analysis of pricing. The team then builds on this basic foundation to develop informed investment guidance. For example, our research team might analyse the prospects for:

  • a particular building
  • certain property or tenant types
  • sub-markets

The result is an internationally consistent set of country, sector and local market forecasts and investment themes that help our portfolio managers make better decisions.