US Fixed Income

A consistent investment process and highly experienced team

Why US Fixed Income?

We have a long standing track record of managing fixed income portfolios in the United States, having done so since 1989.

Our philosophy has been a consistent investment process combined with a stable, highly experienced team.

Our approach

  • Four main strategies
  • Provide both segregated and pooled solutions across these strategies

Core strategy

This well-established strategy includes the management of traditional government credit and aggregate portfolios. We seek to identify pricing inefficiencies of individual securities in the fixed income markets, rather than relying on interest rate forecasts.

We focus on high-quality securities in the following sectors:

  • Corporate
  • Mortgage
  • Municipal
  • US Treasury and government-sponsored agencies

Core Plus

We look to add more value by opportunistically investing in international, emerging and high-yield fixed income markets.

Liability Driven Investment (LDI) strategy

This approach is designed to help pension funds better match their assets and their liabilities, as well as to close potential funding deficits that may have resulted from historically poor market returns.

Intermediate and short duration strategy

In this strategy, we use the same basic philosophy of seeking to identify pricing inefficiencies of individual securities in the Fixed Income market.