European Fixed Income

Fundamental research and active management

Why European Fixed Income?

Investing in European Credit offers investors a way to boost returns and yields.

After the events in peripheral Europe it is not safe to assume that all government bonds are risk free. The corporate bonds of companies with sound financials have become a potentially safer investment.

Management teams continue to operate their businesses conservatively, and the financial sector in particular continues to reduce leverage in order to comply with new regulations.

Corporate valuations look attractive and current credit spreads offer ample compensation for default risk.

Our approach

  • Opportunities arise from inefficiencies within markets, that can be exploited through diligent fundamental research and active management
  • We help realise our clients' return expectations and strive to create highly diversified portfolios
  • Investment opportunities should be exploited within a clear risk framework to make sure diversification leads to higher levels of portfolio efficiency rather than unintended concentration of risk
  • We employ bottom-up security selection, which is driven by the belief that over the long term, all bond markets reflect economic and credit fundamentals
  • Intensive first-hand research conducted by specialists, combined with a clear, disciplined and flexible approach to value and risk