Emerging Market Debt

Positive outlook and diversification benefits

Why emerging market debt?

Improving credit quality has led to greater liquidity: many emerging market countries have implemented sound fiscal and monetary policies.

Significant diversification benefits: emerging market debt offers low correlation to developed markets and emerging market equities.

Attractive and diversified yields: emerging market debt offers compelling income opportunities.

Currency appreciation: emerging market local currency debt offers significant opportunities for currency (and therefore capital) appreciation.

Positive outlook: emerging markets’ long-term growth expectations are supported by solid fundamentals including:

  • Positive demographics
  • Economic reform
  • Improving governance
  • Increasing industrialisation

Our approach

  • Long history of investing in Emerging Markets
  • A core belief in first hand fundamental and technical research by our own team of portfolio managers
  • Well-resourced, stable and highly experienced team with a robust track record of investing in Emerging Market debt across a number of market cycles
  • In-house fundamental top-down and bottom-up credit analysis providing comprehensive coverage of all factors relevant to the asset class
  • Little attention paid to consensus as represented by peer group or benchmark. We trust our own research