A history of Equity-type returns with bond-like risk

Why convertibles?

Convertible bonds are an attractive way to gain exposure to a prolonged market recovery with lower risk than equities.

European convertible bonds are an attractive option for investors who are positive about the outlook for equities but unwilling to accept the associated level of volatility.

We believe they are ideal in achieving a diversified asset allocation strategy.

Our approach

  • Our team is integrated within the entire fixed income team at Aberdeen, enabling us to fully exploit the team’s experience and resources
  • We are active, not passive, and are constantly engaged in the market, with an in-depth knowledge of each security and its trading patterns
  • We have broad experience of investing in the European convertible bond markets
  • We dynamically manage all top-down factors that affect this asset class – equity values, interest rates, credit, foreign exchange and volatility valuations, and we add value from a bottom-up perspective by analysing credit and equity at the company level