UK Equities

A core part of many investors’ portfolios

Whether your clients are looking for income or growth, the security of investing in large companies, or the attractions of small companies, we have a UK fund to suit.

Why UK Equities?

  • The UK equity market remains a core part of UK investors’ portfolios
  • The UK has many good quality companies
  • Companies listed in the UK have good exposure to overseas growth opportunities

Our approach

Our portfolios are constructed on a bottom-up basis, focused on rigorous due-diligence, while also ensuring a sensible level of diversification.

About our company research

We never invest in a company before we have met with management at least once. Any company we invest in has to meet our strict quality and price criteria.

We continue monitoring companies after we’ve invested, including meeting company management regularly. We know our holdings inside out.

We’re not driven by benchmarks. We’re happy to take large active positions in quality companies. Equally, if we don’t like a stock we won’t buy it, regardless of its weight in the index.

What we look for in companies:

  • A management team with a track record of delivering results in all economic conditions and of maximising shareholder value
  • Strong balance sheets – low gearing and relatively strong cash flows
  • Companies that will create profits over time. Our portfolio turnover is low because we ignore market noise