Emerging Market Equities

With their positive long-term outlook, we believe emerging markets will lead, not follow, the recovery

Why Emerging Market Equities?

Emerging markets offer:

  • Encouraging potential for growth over the medium and long term.
  • An increasing number of well-managed companies. Companies have become more transparent. They now have stronger balance sheets and are more profitable and committed to maximising shareholder value.
  • Diversification benefits for your portfolios.

Regional background

  • Many are far less indebted than developed countries
  • Stability and growth nurtured by governments’ prudent fiscal and monetary policies
  • Strong local demand: Emerging markets benefit from young and growing  populations, durable consumer spending and a growing middle class
  • Growing exports to other emerging economies, and increased spending and investment at home

Future prospects

We believe global emerging markets offer a potentially valuable investment opportunity, despite a bounce in equity markets around the world.